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Our Triple-A Philosophy



Our counselors are graduates from accredited American universities, background checked, and trained in multiple psychotherapy modalities.

The counselors and psychotherapists possess a minimum of a masters degree or doctorate in their field of study.

The medical director is a board-certified psychiatrist and licensed in the state of California.


We maintain a prudent practice without the extra embellishments that unnecessarily raise the cost of treatment.

We accept most HMO, PPO and private insurance plans.



Embrasse Behavioral Health is a physician-managed practice. We have a licensed psychiatrist to address your medical, psychiatric, and medication concerns.

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Top-Rated Mental Health Services
in Vista, CA

At Embrasse Behavioral Health, we strive to meet our clients where they are emotionally, mentally and cognitively. We specialize in providing individual psychotherapy to adults with personality disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma and stress related disorders, substance abuse, emotional-regulation, obsessive-compulsive disorders and relationship difficulties.

In addition, we provide psychotherapy to adolescents, neurocognitive testing for autism, ADHD, personality, memory and intelligence tests.

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